Cultural sector

James Harley has worked extensively in the cultural sector.

Exhibitions and Events / publications / publications about James Harley

Exhibitions and Events 
  • Research Coordinator, Digital Media Web Environment Report 
  • Co-Executive Producer, The Sharp End 
  • Nomination, Best Use of Multimedia in a Government Product - AIMIA AWARDS, The Sharp End CDROM
  • Researcher and writer, Multimedia Audit & Report, Arts Victoria
  • Coordinator, Discrete Projects, Arts Victoria
  • Editor, “Ten Years 1986 - 1996” Linden art centre and gallery
  • Project Coordinator, Linkage Leakage, 23 August - 7 November, Cairns Regional Gallery (Cairns), Tanks Arts Centre (Cairns), Institute of Modern Art (Brisbane), organised by Kick Arts Collective Inc, Cairns
  • Concept development, Hardware Support Scheme, Arts Victoria
  • Concept development, research and feasibility study, Victoria Gold, Arts Victoria
  • Concept development, research and feasibility study, Last Great Twentieth Century Exposition, Arts Victoria
  • Coordinator, Discrete Projects, Arts Victoria
  • Co-Researcher and author, ART & TECHNOLOGY REPORT, Major Event Unit, Tourism Victoria
  • Co-ordinator/Curator (with Shiralee Saul), Plato’s CAVE, A.I.P #8.1, “Theoretical Voguing”, National Gallery of Victoria. 2 September - 2 October
  • Concept Design and Research, Plato’s CAVE, CDRom Education Resource Kit
  • Gallery Manager, Luba Bilu Gallery
  • Curator, Review 1993, Luba Bilu Gallery, 1 - 24 December, Melbourne
  • Co-ordinator/Curator (with Shiralee Saul), VITAE, A.I.P.#7, “Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial”, R.M.I.T. Faculty of Art Gallery, Melbourne
  • Gallery Manager, Luba Bilu Gallery
  • Curator, Review 1992 , Luba Bilu Gallery, 28 November - 19 December, Melbourne
  • Co-ordinator/Curator (with Shiralee Saul) FACT: A.I.P. #6 (A National Touring Project), Linden - St Kilda Arts Centre, Melbourne; Umbrella Studios, Townsville; 24Hrs Art Centre, Darwin; Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane; Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide; Photospace, Canberra; Ars Multiplicata, Sydney; Chameleon, Hobart; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. April - November
  • Co-ordinator/Curator (with Shiralee Saul), Crashcourse: A.I.P #5 National Gallery of Victoria. 15 - 31 May
  • Project Co-ordinator - Tony Flint Victorian touring exhibition, Link in the Chain, Ararat Gallery, La Trobe Arts Centre, Warrnambool Art Gallery, Horsham Art Gallery, Wangaratta Art Gallery. October 91 - August 92
  • Gallery Manager, Luba Bilu Gallery
  • Curator (with Luba Bilu), Review 1991, Luba Bilu Gallery, 27 November - 21 December
  • Manager, Moet et Chandon Touring Exhibition (Selection process). 27 November - 6 December
  • Curator/Publisher (with Shiralee Saul), Potlatch: A.I.P. # 3 accompanying installation at 200 Gertrude St, 28 - 31 October, Melbourne
  • Curator/Publisher (with Shiralee Saul), Porn; A.I.P. #4 accompanying installations at Linden - St Kilda Arts Centre (24 July - 11 August), Melbourne & Ars Multiplicata (8 August), Sydney (as a Perspecta91 Associated event)
  • Curator, Room for Abstraction, Heide Park and Art Gallery, 19 August - 19 October, Melbourne
  • Curator, An Outside View: The Ledger and Contemporary Collection of the Benalla Art Gallery, Benalla Art Gallery, 19 April - 19 May
  • Gallery Manager, Luba Bilu Gallery
  • Curator/Publisher (with Shiralee Saul) Between the Lines: A.I.P. #2, The Lounge, Melbourne and the National Theatre, 11 December
  • Curator/Publisher (with Shiralee Saul) SetSubSet: A.I.P.#1, The Lounge, 25 September, Melbourne
  • Curator (with Luba Bilu),’s been used before, Luba Bilu Gallery, 21 November - 22 December
  • Gallery Manager, Luba Bilu Gallery
  • Curator, A Bitter Song, Linden - St Kilda Arts Centre
  • Exhibitions Co-ordinator Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne
  • Assistant Director, Gertrude Street Artists’ Spaces
  • Assistant Curator, Bone, Gertrude Street Artists' Spaces, Melbourne

Miscellaneous culture sector publications

1999: eC or Not eC, (commissioned essay) Mesh 13 - Cyberbully, as a component of Experimenta Media Arts MANIFESTO Festival
1998: The Sharp End, A multimedia showcase (CDROM), Arts Victoria
1996: 10 Years of Linden Gallery, Linden Gallery 10 Year Publication, October.
1994: FUTURAMA -  Art & Technology Report, Major Event Unit, Tourism Victoria.
1994: Alex Rizkalla, (catalogue essay), “The Ocular Encyclopaedia”, Museum of Victoria, September.
1994: Tony Flint, (catalogue essay), August, Benalla Art Gallery.
1994: Generic People, (review) Art + Text No. 48
1994: Futurama: Art and Technology Expo 1996, Art Link Vol 14 No. 2, Winter.
1994: Alex Rizkalla, (catalogue essay), The Accursed Share, Art Gallery of New South Wales.
1994: A.I.P, Electronic Arts in Australia, Nicholas Zurbrugg (editor) May.
1994: A.I.P, Art & Technology Catalogue for the Next Wave Festival.
1993: The Art Museum - More or Less, (catalogue essay), Museum of Contemporary Art Bulletin, Brisbane, September.
1993: Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial , Vitae A.I.P. #7 (catalogue essay), Melbourne.
1992: Review 1992, (catalogue essay), Review 1992, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1992: Crashcourse: A.I.P.#5 (catalogue essay), What Does This Artworld Mean?, Next Wave Festival Visual Arts Catalogue.
1991: Review 1991, (catalogue essay), Review 1991, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1991: untitled 1991, (catalogue essay), Room for Abstraction, Heide Park and Art Gallery, Melbourne.
1991: An Outside View: The Ledger and Contemporary Collection, Benalla Art Gallery, (catalogue essay), An Outside View: The Ledger and Contemporary Collection, Benalla Art Gallery
1991: Irene Barberis, April 1991, (catalogue essay), Irene Barberis: Recent Work, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1991: Brad O'Brien: Art Exposed - The Grab and Run Analysis, (catalogue essay), Saito Interiors, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1990:'s been used before, (catalogue essay),'s been used before, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1990: Interviewing Paul Jurazsek, Sunday Program, Channel 9
1990: Ann Harris, (catalogue essay), Ann Harris: Recent Work, Artspace, Sydney. August.
1990: Shelley Lasica, (review) Art & Text No. 36.
1990: Shelly Lasica at City Gallery, (review), Agenda No. 10.
1989: Kim Donaldson, (review), Imprint Magazine No. 1 April.
1989: In Site to Reality (John Dunkley-Smith, review), Agenda No. 7.
1989: The Little Store Down the Lane (Store 5, review), Agenda No. 6.
1989: Footnotes to Abstraction (Kim Donaldson, review), Agenda No. 5.

Publications about James Harley/A.I.P

2000: Banned art offensive to Minister, Nik Garifalakis, 16/01/00, Sunday Herald Sun
2000: Melba comment, 15/01/00, Weekend Australian
1999: Message in a capsule, Phillipa Hawker, 5/11/99, The Age
1999: Art in a time capsule, 8/11/99, Port Phillip Leader
1999: Image for the future, 9/11/99, The Age
1999: Backspace to hi-tech hip, Alison Barclay, 5/11/99, Herald Sun
1999: Digital Test of Time, Peta Hellard, 3/11/99 Herald Sun
1998: We are electric, Daniel Palmer, Globe, Issue 8, Melbourne
1995: Review, Herald Sun, 10/04/95 
1994: Futurama: Art and Technology Expo 1996, Art Link Vol 14 No. 2, Winter. 
1994: A.I.P, Electronic Art in Australia, (Nicholas Zurbrugg Editor) May Edition.
1993: Vitae A.I.P. #7 catalogue, Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial,  Melbourne.
1993: Fifth Australian Sculpture TriennialState of the Art, July-October.
1993: Separating Art from the Ego, Anna Clabburn, 5/5/93, The Melbourne Times.
1992: What Does this Artworld Mean?, Anthony Denham, Broadsheet, Vol 21(3)
1992: Crashcourse, Deb Verhoeven, Agenda No. 25.
1992: Festival a Coming-out Party for Electronic Art, Bryce Hallett, 12/5/92, The Australian.
1992: Riding The Next Wave, Ray Edgar, 21/5/92, Times/Emerald Hill.
1992: On The Crest of the Next Wave, 7/5/92, Herald-Sun.
1992: Stand-up Video Show Not User-friendly, Robin Rattray-Wood, 1/5/92, Townsville Bulletin.
1992: Artnews, 29/4/92, Sunshine Network Television.
1992: Next Wave makes Splash, Fiona Scott-Norman, 7/5/92, Times/Emerald Hill.
1992: Crashcourse: An Installation Publication #5, The National Gallery of Victoria Program and Guide.
1991: Room for Abstraction, Chris MacAulliffe, Art & Text No. 41.
1991: When Cheap means Anything But Nasty, Robert Rooney, 7-8/12/91, The Weekend Australian
1991: Artistic Invasion of a Gallery Space, Jan Blensdorf, 13/9/91, Age E.G.
1991: Hung House in Focus, Robert Rooney, 7-8/9/91, The Weekend Australian.
1991: Heide gets formula right for artists in group exhibition, Christopher Heathcote, 4/9/91, The Age.
1991: An Installation Publication, Ashley Crawford, Tension 23.
1990: Arts Editorial, Suzanne Fegan, Westinghouse Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1.
1988: A Bitter Song, Barbara O'Sullivan, 24/11/88, The Herald.
1988: Bitter Song has a message of hope, Fiona Croggan, 7/12/88, The Southern Cross