Reports & publications

JH&A continues to provide reports and publications with our partners.

At the end of this section is a list of publications written for the culture sector up to the year 2000.

Making the invisible visible: Stimulating work-health and safety relevant thinking through the use of infographics in construction design
Professor Helen Lingard,  Professor Nick Blismas, Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri, Dr James Harley, Dr Rita Zhang & Payam Pirzadeh Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, in press

Reconfiguring creativity in virtual work: The digital-material construction site
Professor Sarah Pink, Professor Helen Lingard, Dr James Harley New Technology, Work and Employment, in press

Work Health and Safety Culture in the ACT Construction Industry 
Professor Helen Lingard, Dr James Harley, Dr Rita Zhang & Grainne Ryan Final Report by the Centre for Construction Work Health and Safety Research for the ACT Government’s Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate through its Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations Division, July 2017

Considerations in front end planning to achieve exceptional health & safety performance
Professor Helen Lingard,  Dr James Harley & Dr Tiendung Le  Research to Practice Report by the Centre for Construction Work Health and Safety Research for the Major Transport Infrastructure Program, June 2017

Final Report - The Use of Commercial Frameworks to Drive Exceptional Health & Safety Performance in the Construction Industry
Professor Helen Lingard,  Dr Tiendung Le, Dr James Harley,  Dr David Oswald & Mr Payam Pirzadeh report by the Centre for Construction Work Health and Safety Research for the Major Transport Infrastructure Program, December 2016

Using participatory video to understand subcontracted construction workers safety rule violations
Professor Helen Lingard, Professor Sarah Pink, Assoc Professor Jan Hayes, Dr Vanessa McDermott & Dr James Harley ARCOM conference, September 2016

Digital Pedagogy for Safety: The Construction Site as a Collaborative Learning Environment
Professor Sarah Pink, Professor Helen Lingard, Dr James Harley Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy, March 2016

Looking and learning: using participatory video to improve health and safety in the construction industry
Professor Helen Lingard, Professor Sarah Pink, Dr James Harley Construction Management and Economics, November 2015

Work Health Research in the Queensland Industry
Professor Helen Lingard, Dr Michelle Turner, Dr James Harley  Final Report by the Centre for Construction Work Health and Safety Research, July 2015

Engaging stakeholders in improving the quality of OSH decision-making in construction projects
Professor Helen Lingard, Dr James Harley, Professor Nick Blismas, Dr Rita Peihua Zhang, Mr Payam Pirzadeh, Professor Ron Wakefield, Mr Kevin Jones  Research to Practice Report by the Centre for Construction Work Health and Safety Research, April 2015

Using digital technology to share health and safety knowledge

Professor Helen Lingard, Dr Ruwini Edirisinghe, Dr James Harley report by the Centre for Construction Work Health and Safety Research, February 2015

Feasibility Study into a New Design and Architecture Degree, Report Three
Associate Professor Esther Charlesworth, Professor John Fien, Dr James Harley commercial-in-confidence report, December 2014

Recommendations on the Structure and Resourcing of a New Design & Architecture Degree, Report Two 
Associate Professor Esther Charlesworth, Dr James Harley commercial-in-confidence report, September 2014

Analysis of Demand for New Design Programs, Report One  
Associate Professor Esther Charlesworth, Dr James Harley commercial-in-confidence report, August 2014

Characteristics of and Trends in Project Alliancing in Australasia - Research Findings from Large Public Sector Infrastructure Projects 2008-2013  
Professor Derek Walker, Professor Anthony Mills, Dr James Harley Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building 2014

Utilising Workers' Tacit Health and Safety Knowledge to Produce Inherently Safer Work Processes: An Evaluation of the Codesafe System  
Professor Helen Lingard, Dr Ruwini Edirisinghe, Dr James Harley, David Broadhurst COBRA Conference, Sydney 2015December 2014

Program Alliancing in Large Australian Public Sector Infrastructure Projects  
Professor Derek Walker, Dr James Harley Australian Research Council Report, RMIT University, April 2014

Safety in Design 
Professor Helen Lingard, Payam Pirzadeh, Dr James Harley, Professor Nick Blismas, Professor Ron Wakefield, Report for Australian Constructors Association, February 2014

Workplace Health and Safety Culture 
Professor Helen Lingard, Dr Rita Zhang, Dr James Harley, Professor Nick Blismas, Professor Ron Wakefield, Report for Australian Constructors Association, February 2014

Market research and business case development for the proposed 
Master of Disaster, Development & Design
Dr James Harley,  Report for RMIT University, December 2013 

Survey of Alliances Performance in Public Sector Infrastructure 2008 -2013: Longitudinal study of the performance of alliances in large Australian infrastructure projects.
Professor Derek Walker, Dr James Harley, Professor Anthony Mills Australian Research Council Report, RMIT University 2013

Survey of Alliances Performance in Public Sector Infrastructure 2012: The Performance of Alliances in Australian Public Sector Infrastructure Projects 2012
Professor Derek Walker, Dr James Harley Australian Research Council Report, RMIT University 2012

Corporate Website Cleanup Project: Project Implementation Report

Dr James Harley, on behalf of Briarbird & Co, Report for City of Melbourne, 2012

More than a Roof Overhead Research Project - Sub Project 3 Working Paper
Dr James Harley, Andrew Martel, Professor John Fien, Australian Research Council Working Paper, RMIT University 2012

Hard conditions – soft outcomes: innovation strategies in procurement of remote Indigenous housing
Mr Andrew Martel, Dr James Harley, Professor Ron Wakefield and Professor Ralph Horne, RMIT University, 6th Australian Housing Researcher’s Conference, February 8-10, 2012, University of Adelaide.

Some consequences of applying the Australian Qualifications Framework to remote Indigenous housing training programs
Dr James Harley, Professor John Fien, RMIT University, Qualifications or Skills? 6th Australian Housing Researcher’s Conference, February 8-10, 2012, University of Adelaide.

Western Chances Scholarship Evaluation
Dr James Harley, Report for Western Chances, December 2011

Collaboration and the Use of Online Collaborative Toolsets in the Project Management Environment
Dr. James Harley, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Volume 4, No. 2, 2011

An Anatomy of Collaboration Within the Online Environment
Dr. James Harley with Associate Professor Nick Blismas in E-Research Collaboration: Theory, Techniques and Challenges, M. Anandarajan & A. Anandarajan (eds), Springer, 2010

Alliances Performance in Public Sector Infrastructure Survey II
Dr. James Harley, Associate Professor Anthony Mills, Alliancing Association of Australasia, RMIT University, 2010, 

Kids Under Cover Online Tutoring Program Review
Dr James Harley, Kids Under Cover, September 2010

National & International Review of Building Apprenticeship Systems 
Dr James Harley, Professor Ron Wakefield, Master Builders Association of Victoria, RMIT University 2009

Education Program Research and Strategic Framework - Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts
Dr James Harley, Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, 2009

Alliances Performance in Public Sector Infrastructure
James Harley, Associate Professor Nick Blismas, Alliancing Association of Australasia, RMIT University 2008, 

A.I.P An Installation Publication
James Harley with Shiralee Saul, in Electronic Arts in Australia, (ed Nicholas Zurbrugg), Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media and Culture, Vol 8, No. 1, 1994

Miscellaneous culture sector publications

1999: eC or Not eC, (commissioned essay) Mesh 13 - Cyberbully, as a component of Experimenta Media Arts MANIFESTO Festival
1998: The Sharp End, A multimedia showcase (CDROM), Arts Victoria
1996: 10 Years of Linden Gallery, Linden Gallery 10 Year Publication, October.
1994: FUTURAMA -  Art & Technology Report, Major Event Unit, Tourism Victoria.
1994: Alex Rizkalla, (catalogue essay), “The Ocular Encyclopaedia”, Museum of Victoria, September.
1994: Tony Flint, (catalogue essay), August, Benalla Art Gallery.
1994: Generic People, (review) Art + Text No. 48
1994: Futurama: Art and Technology Expo 1996, Art Link Vol 14 No. 2, Winter.
1994: Alex Rizkalla, (catalogue essay), The Accursed Share, Art Gallery of New South Wales.
1994: A.I.P, Electronic Arts in Australia, Nicholas Zurbrugg (editor) May.
1994: A.I.P, Art & Technology Catalogue for the Next Wave Festival.
1993: The Art Museum - More or Less, (catalogue essay), Museum of Contemporary Art Bulletin, Brisbane, September.
1993: Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial , Vitae A.I.P. #7 (catalogue essay), Melbourne.
1992: Review 1992, (catalogue essay), Review 1992, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1992: Crashcourse: A.I.P.#5 (catalogue essay), What Does This Artworld Mean?, Next Wave Festival Visual Arts Catalogue.
1991: Review 1991, (catalogue essay), Review 1991, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1991: untitled 1991, (catalogue essay), Room for Abstraction, Heide Park and Art Gallery, Melbourne.
1991: An Outside View: The Ledger and Contemporary Collection, (catalogue essay), Benalla Art Gallery
1991: Irene Barberis, April 1991, (catalogue essay), Irene Barberis: Recent Work, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1991: Brad O'Brien: Art Exposed - The Grab and Run Analysis, (catalogue essay), Saito Interiors, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1990:'s been used before, (catalogue essay),'s been used before, Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne.
1990: Interviewing Paul Jurazsek, Sunday Program, Channel 9
1990: Ann Harris, (catalogue essay), Ann Harris: Recent Work, Artspace, Sydney. August.
1990: Shelley Lasica, (review) Art & Text No. 36.
1990: Shelly Lasica at City Gallery, (review), Agenda No. 10.
1989: Kim Donaldson, (review), Imprint Magazine No. 1 April.
1989: In Site to Reality (John Dunkley-Smith, review), Agenda No. 7.
1989: The Little Store Down the Lane (Store 5, review), Agenda No. 6.
1989: Footnotes to Abstraction (Kim Donaldson, review), Agenda No. 5.

Publications about James Harley/A.I.P

2000: Banned art offensive to Minister, Nik Garifalakis, 16/01/00, Sunday Herald Sun
2000: Melba comment, 15/01/00, Weekend Australian
1999: Message in a capsule, Phillipa Hawker, 5/11/99, The Age
1999: Art in a time capsule, 8/11/99, Port Phillip Leader
1999: Image for the future, 9/11/99, The Age
1999: Backspace to hi-tech hip, Alison Barclay, 5/11/99, Herald Sun
1999: Digital Test of Time, Peta Hellard, 3/11/99 Herald Sun
1998: We are electric, Daniel Palmer, Globe, Issue 8, Melbourne
1995: Review, Herald Sun, 10/04/95 
1994: Futurama: Art and Technology Expo 1996, Art Link Vol 14 No. 2, Winter. 
1994: A.I.P, Electronic Art in Australia, (Nicholas Zurbrugg Editor) May Edition.
1993: Vitae A.I.P. #7 catalogue, Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial,  Melbourne.
1993: Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial, State of the Art, July-October.
1993: Separating Art from the Ego, Anna Clabburn, 5/5/93, The Melbourne Times.
1992: What Does this Artworld Mean?, Anthony Denham, Broadsheet, Vol 21(3)
1992: Crashcourse, Deb Verhoeven, Agenda No. 25.
1992: Festival a Coming-out Party for Electronic Art, Bryce Hallett, 12/5/92, The Australian.
1992: Riding The Next Wave, Ray Edgar, 21/5/92, Times/Emerald Hill.
1992: On The Crest of the Next Wave, 7/5/92, Herald-Sun.
1992: Stand-up Video Show Not User-friendly, Robin Rattray-Wood, 1/5/92, Townsville Bulletin.
1992: Artnews, 29/4/92, Sunshine Network Television.
1992: Next Wave makes Splash, Fiona Scott-Norman, 7/5/92, Times/Emerald Hill.
1992: Crashcourse: An Installation Publication #5, The National Gallery of Victoria Program and Guide.
1991: Room for Abstraction, Chris MacAulliffe, Art & Text No. 41.
1991: When Cheap means Anything But Nasty, Robert Rooney, 7-8/12/91, The Weekend Australian
1991: Artistic Invasion of a Gallery Space, Jan Blensdorf, 13/9/91, Age E.G.
1991: Hung House in Focus, Robert Rooney, 7-8/9/91, The Weekend Australian.
1991: Heide gets formula right for artists in group exhibition, Christopher Heathcote, 4/9/91, The Age.
1991: An Installation Publication, Ashley Crawford, Tension 23.
1990: Arts Editorial, Suzanne Fegan, Westinghouse Magazine Vol. 1, No. 1.
1988: A Bitter Song, Barbara O'Sullivan, 24/11/88, The Herald.
1988: Bitter Song has a message of hope, Fiona Croggan, 7/12/88, The Southern Cross

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