James Harley & Associates project manage, develop policy and assist in the take-up of digital media and online technologies across government, education and the non- government sector.  We have been doing this since 1990. 

James Harley & Associates offers the following services:
  • Project management and implementation 
  • Stakeholder management & engagement
  • Strategic program management and advice
  • Research, reports and publications, and
  • Program evaluation and review
James Harley & Associates offers consulting services that benefit from many years experience in government, the cultural, not-for-profit and education sectors as well as manufacturing and retail. Areas of expertise include strategic project management within the digital environment, collaborative (online) working practices, governance for the online environment, strategic stakeholder engagement, business analysis & process re-engineering and information distribution. James Harley and Associates has also recently been involved with providing strategy and governance advice for a large local government organisation and universities.

James Harley & Associates has over twenty-five year's experience in the cultural and business sectors and has managed, supervised and coordinated contracts to deliver projects valued up to $2.8M.

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