There are clear benefits for using a project manager on your projects, especially if:

  • you're not sure how to start a project
  • you're not sure how to manage multiple projects at once
  • you want to ensure your projects deliver the best possible outcomes
  • you want to make sure that you don't waste time or money on your projects

Using a project manager can assist you to take charge of your projects to ensure they are delivered to your expectations. Projects very often take longer than expected or become more complicated than originally thought. Managing projects is about understanding the factors that determine the success of a project and knowing how to manage all the integrated elements so everything comes together the way you hoped. Whether you're managing a small scale web redesign, a program of activities, or an event, having a project manager will ensure that the project is designed, developed and implemented in a considered manner.

The benefits of using JH&A for your project management needs include:

  • delivery of a governance framework
  • managing the different stakeholders / personnel involved in the project
  • clear and practical guidance of a single project or multiple projects
  • understanding the schedule and interdependencies of individual project activities
  • definition of the project ecology - making sure everyone knows what they need to know about the project at the right time and with the right amount of information.

James Harley & Associates brings an organised, quality assured approach to the project environment. With attention to detail and decades of experience, we understand the complexity in projects to ensure your project is successfully delivered.